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Abortion & Karma – The Spiritual Argument

September 8, 2018 1

All of us inherit our own destiny , and certainly each day in its own unique way is a date with destiny. It’s possibly easier to understand this as the mind matures, but last evening I thought of understanding it from the perspective of an un “born” child.

It’s a no brainier that adoption as an act, especially one conducted with the thought to give a better life to a underprivileged soul; is a huge credit to our karmic score.

However how does one approach the subject of “abortion” which is more often than not a result of an unwanted pregnancy.

Morally speaking some consider this as equivalent to taking of life. My spiritual mentor once explained that it can be qualified as “taking away an opportunity for the spirit to get an incarnation in physical form”
If abortion is then perceived as a non fulfilment of a soul’s chance to play its role, can it be qualified as a lost chance “to meet its day with destiny “ or is it destiny itself.

Does abortion then cut short the opportunity to pay of debts and balance karma?

My spiritual mentor also explained to me the other side “Sometimes we make more of it then we need”

Many a times abortions are result of the physical and emotional trauma that a woman goes through, and looked at in that perspective it’s a better alternative than being born in a negligent or uninterested surroundings.

It would probably be prudent to state that the souls of a parent and un “born” child would more often than not connect at a future date in some form of relationship or the other , to free itself from the karmic debts that bind them.

The complexity of this subject is immense , and it won’t be fair to make judgements on what is a unique circumstance in each case.

However it would be wise to remember that Destiny and karma do not happen by chance or accident ; they are a matter of fact.

Do share your views and inputs.

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  • Roshni

    September 8, 2018 at 8:57 am

    What an interesting topic! I am one of those people who see destiny as absolute. So maybe it was the souls destiny to die in the womb or to be aborted. Ultimately, we are all pawns in destiny’s game….but if I were to look at it from a karmic perspective, I think there would a karmic debt that the woman who was pregnant would owe a child who was aborted…and somehow that debt would play out in another lifetime.

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