About Hingori

Hingori is a teacher of spiritualism who started around 40 years ago as a student of Gurudev–a spiritual master who had tapped into the unlimited potential of his spirit mind, could travel out-of-body at will, heal people, read thoughts, predict future events and help humans, spirits and other life forms. Hingori’s books chronicle his personal journey of transformation and are filled with real-life experiences and spiritual insights. Living like the guy next door, engaged in his duties as a businessman and householder, he is an example of how spiritual progress is achievable by every common person. He cannot see a greater mission for himself than being available to help those who want to evolve. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Hingori works in the service industry, travelling frequently across various parts of the country. His interests lie in sharing his spiritual knowledge with those who have the desire to acquire it. He believes in simplicity being the underlying tone of spirituality. He shies away from self-glorification since he believes it is more detrimental than beneficial to the efforts of any spiritualist, whose prime focus is sharing spiritual realisations. Therefore, he has taken the selfish route of staying anonymous. Besides, as he says, “My thermometer shows that the climate under the pedestal is cooler than under the limelight.”