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Culture and Menstruation

April 10, 2019

Why are women forbidden from entering temples during menstruation?

Writing on this topic in the 21st century almost seems like I am from the ages of the dead. My mother never enforced these practices in our home and neither did she insist I follow any of these things. However my friends around me followed these practices and I found it the most regressive thing to do. When I quizzed my friends or elders around me most didn’t know the actual reason or have a lame answer saying the girl is impure in that period. At most times I would laugh and walk away.

So then why write on this topic?

That is because a few years back a bunch of us were discussing this and a few scientific and logical answers came out. Most of us still don’t know them. So I decided to jot them down.

Let’s start with common practices that women are told to avoid during their menstruation cycle:

  • Do not go to the temple
  • Do not have sex
  • Do not go for social gatherings
  • Do not enter the kitchen
  • Restricting women to a separate designated area

Some of the logical facts for following these norms back then would be:

  • In the olden days women went to a close by pond, river or lake to have a bath. There were no private baths. Hence women were told not to have a bath in that period.
  • In the olden times our medical facilities here poor and women suffered from cramps, vomiting, and headaches. Hence they were asked to rest and take a break from household chores.
  • Since going to the temple required to have a bath women were told not to go to temples in that period.

Now let us look at some of the scientific facts of these norms:

  1. Rotting of Pickle: Pickle when left out for too long in the summers can rot. In the same way a woman during this period is on heat and exposure to food or pickle can cause contamination.
  2. Being confined to home: In olden times women lived in villages with vast forests surrounding them. Animals are known to smell blood and find its prey. While venturing into the forest the woman’s life is at risk as an animal can attack after sensing their presence.
  3. Entering a temple: Temples are known to be energy centres. A whole lot of practices are followed to keep this energy balanced. Women during their menstruation cycle tend to have imbalanced energies. This can cause an imbalance in the energy of the temple hence women are asked to refrain from entering a temple.
  4. We are continuously exchanging energies with people or things we interact with. Aura’s are sensitive and can get contaminated easily. Ever noticed when you interact with negative energy you feel drained. That is because your aura has been affected. A woman in her monthly cycle has a very strong aura and generates a lot of heat. Hence it is best to rest it out and cool down.

These logical and Scientific reasons  make a lot more sense than the straight jacketed answer of you are impure in that period. I first thing everyone needs to understand is regular periods makes a woman more fertile, which is good.


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