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Divinity is Within

August 21, 2018

Divinity is within


Spiritual Evolution is a Myth

The problem with the concepts of spirituality is that they often present themselves in the reverse manner. Talk of spiritual evolution, though highly inspiring and motivating, is itself a myth. It is like looking for your glasses with your glasses on!

Divinity isn’t a Discovery

Many of the Great Saints have stated that divinity is not something that you need to find. It is something that already exists within you. Divinity is therefore not a discovery but the process of discarding your identity and the who and what that you think you are. In the words of a 21 year old, you need to “Cool it, man!”. Just chill and forget about yourself – the who and what you believe yourself to be.

The Falsehood of Identity

Unfortunately, in this journey called life, most 21-year-olds will discover how the eternal truth of our divinity remains buried under the onion skins that form; and deceptive concepts of identity, keep us from realising that the truth we spend all of life and perhaps many lifetimes seeking is within us.

If you have any ideas of how to walk the talk and recognise the divinity within yourself, not theoretically but practically, do share these ideas with us. You never know on who’s head the Apple might fall!

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