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Faith – A perspective

September 30, 2018 2

Can Faith move mountains?

We have often heard that that if you really want something with a positive intent then it happens! Even if we were to take this at face value, one wonders how can it happen.If one does not have any other possible means which are demonstrable ,then really what we are left with is hope and belief that we will get the result we want and always. Therefore one is inclined to say that it’s the strength of your beliefs which is the key operative here. Strong belief in someone,something,action or process is also termed as ‘Faith’.

‘Faith can move mountains’ is an adage we have heard often. It is not too different to saying that we can do the impossible provided we have the belief or confidence or trust.

It’s difficult for a rational mind to believe that ‘Faith’ will help you achieve the most difficult outcomes. It’s difficult because some of the actions or beliefs may not be demonstrable or the results have what a rational being believes to be proof. It’s a very strong hope without substance.Yet the concept  ‘Faith’ is important and is possibly the bedrock of nearly all religions and is a key adjunct as well as a pillar for all spiritual learning. Therefore knowing more about faith is important. It’s meaning,its origin,knowledge,can it be be acquired and if  we do have it how do we protect as well as enhance the same are questions which are essential. It’s not a subject which has not been explored and the following comments are picked up to enhance our collective understanding.

Faith seems certainly a gift from Divine Power or the higher power or the supreme consciousness whatever you may decide to call. Every living being is born with Faith and such faith is very close to the soul as well your body. We learn that Divinity is within us and this faith then is the beacon the body and soul possess through the heightened sense of intuition. It demonstrates itself in the early years of your life whereby the belief that things will happen as you envisage is like an absolute trust. As one acquires knowledge, the mind takes a greater role and that is the source of doubt,proof and other impediments which dilute that trust. Therefore taking an example from an article, a simple man with an relatively uncomplicated mental development has a larger capability to deal with the imponderables in his life than a person with a highly developed mind because of his deeper faith. Faith which is relatively unpolluted with our doubts is certainly more powerful and allows one to achieve results even which cannot be proven sometimes.

Faith may be given to us but then it has to be taken care of always for it to remain effective. Therefore a conscious effort is required to overpower the doubt,contradictions,discussions,that the mind brings forward every now and then. For this to happen one has to move higher in the spiritual order and that achievement is by what we achieve ‘Dynamic Faith’. As your absolute faith goes down the endeavour has to be to acquire Dynamic faith which is a belief which transcends doubt. It is done by going closer to the Divine Power which in our understanding ,if Divinity is within us, is moving closer to your inner consciousness or the Soul.

Strength of our Faith determines outcomes which are extraordinary. All religions therefore focus on Faith as the necessary adjunct to achieve the stated doctrines and that can be expressed through many ways even through idols as required, Faith is the intuitive beacon of divine power which helps you conquer. However, for the inner flame to burn one must feed it.

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