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Family – a debt due?

May 13, 2019 1

Wikipedia explanation for ‘Family’ is from the Latin word ‘familia’ and in text of the human society is a group of people either related by recognised birth, affinity or coresidence or some combination of the same. Family can be large or nuclear depending on how you define it. The word ‘family’ can be used more metaphorically to create more inclusive categories such as community, nationhood, global village and humanism.

My idea here is not to go into the meaning of the word ‘family’ as that is something one can get on Google and the dictionary. Idea here is to understand it’s importance and how it shapes an individuals personna,his habits, his way of thinking as well his very identity in this world. If one believes in spirituality one knows and believes that your birthplace is pre decided and is a function of your past karma. Therefore even before you are given your first name , your family name is decided. One’s fate or destiny then is closely linked to the family you inherit. Not to say there will not be other linkages one would make in one’s life and will be included as family but this comes to some extent predecided.

Family is a universal concept and it’s importance is recognised across nationalities. Some of the reasons family is important are;

⁃ it’s the first influencer which shapes one’s thought process
⁃ It helps you educate,learn and define yourself
⁃ It becomes your major support or sometimes the only support in your tough times.
⁃ It loves you unconditionally with all your faults

Not to say there are no downsides but the fabric of relationships created hopefully is more often positive than negative!

Despite years of no contact very often the real identity one is recognised by is your family name. How often have we heard somebody coming up and telling you that are you from so and so family? Not only that they assume unless otherwise proved that you would have same characteristics as their knowledge of the ‘family’

Whenever we describe a debt to be repaid in a karmic sense we tend have a very narrow focus. It’s not only your parents but all of those who you consider as family who we are indebted to. They shape you,educate you, protect you and give you an identity. It’s something to be savoured for all of us who have it.

However it also is a debt which is to be recognised which as a view is not smaller than the karmic debt that one owes to one’s parent. What do you feel…?

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  • Animesh Lodha

    May 16, 2019 at 5:47 pm

    Can a child choose his/her parents? OR Can parents Choose their children?

    If the answer is NO & If we define everything to be karmic & cause and effect. There why & how does Debt and its repayment come in the picture?

    If it’s a debt on the children which is to be repaid to parents, Can we say that Parents for all practical purposes own their children and can ask them to do whatever they wish to do.
    And in turn Children should do everything as per their parents.

    If it’s all Karmic what is the point of even discussing all this and sharing this knowledge. Bcoz at the end of the day Karma will take its own course & we are merely just instruments. And we possible don’t even have any free will also. So whatever is supposed to happen will anyway happen in this as well as future lives. Isn’t it an escape route ? Destiny makes life so simple and makes us take the easy way out. Ain’t we the makers of our own destiny.

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