In Conversation

Informal dialogues on spiritual science.
Interactive and educative, they are fun to watch and easy to absorb.

Navigate Vastu with Aajay Rao

Vastu shastra is a system of architecture that originated in India. Aajay Rao is a third generation vastu practitioner with forty-two years of experience. In this lecture he discusses the nitty-gritties of vastu science.

Spiritual Queries Decoded with Hingori

Take time to hear and absorb, Hingori’s live session that took place on 23rd April 2020. An insight to the Karma Quest and subjects related to the Karma Quest.

Learn to earn in the afterlife with Hingori

Take time to hear and absorb, Hingori’s live session that took place on 3rd May 2020. An insight on how to earn after life dollars.

Bach Flower Remedies with Vishal Sukhatankar

Flowers can affect our emotional states. Flower-based remedies discovered by Dr Edward Bach can restore the balance between body and mind by casting out negative energies.Explore the world of Bach flower remedies.

Understanding Maya

Prof Penna gets you involved in decoding Maya as he provides insights into one of the most illusive subjects of cosmic science.

Balancing gunas through diet

Diet plays a important role in managing your guna mix. Ambika Nair shares some secrets of healthy nutrition.

Food, Water and Conciousness
Ambika Nair explains how food and water affect our consciousness.

The Art of Tarot Reading

Karina Bhavnani explains the nuances of Tarot.

Decoding Destiny with Yuvraj Kapadia

Accessing the subconscious mind.

Holistic Healing Through Ayurveda
Dr. Shashi Bala explains the holistic nuances of Ayurvedic healing.

Insights into Indian Philosophies
A differentiated understanding of the various Indian Philosophies with Dr Gyan Sahay.

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