Brain & Consciousness

Lessons for Life are practitioner-led courses that capture the essence of varied subjects, be it ancient scriptures or quantum physics or alternative science. It’s a lot like revisiting what you must know but were never taught.

The human brain is the most sophisticated and complex structure encountered by us in the universe. It is this soft jelly-like mass of tissues that enables us to comprehend and participate in this shared consciousness we call life, with as many neurons as stars in the Milky Way, Dr.P.N.Ravindra, A highly acclaimed medical neuroscientist of repute with special experience in teaching, research and clinical application in the area of yoga, mindfulness practices, help us light our way through this vast expanse from one star to another, enabling us to grasp humanity’s most enduring mystery – The galaxy called our brain within the universe of our consciousness.

Brain and Consciousness : The human brain

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body, this wrinkled one and half kilogram organ is responsible for our intelligence, sensations, physical activity and general behaviour, this lecture delves deeper into understanding of who we really are, albeit neuro-scientifically.

Brain and Consciousness : Meditation

The word ‘meditation’ triggers a series of pre-conceived notions; inner-peace, calmth, mindfulness, bliss and so on, but what does really happens within the complex machinery of the brain reflects on it’s own being, let us discover the neuroscientific significance of this pre-meditated state called meditation.

Brain and Consciousness : Sleep

On an average, a human being is asleep for one-third of their lifespan, that’s how pivotal sleep is for our functional existence yet humans are the only species that delay sleep willingly, In today’s ever hectic reality where every individual sets out to fulfil their dreams, this lecture enables us to wake up to the facts of our most beloved state of being – sleep.

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