Demystifying Tantra

Lessons for Life is a spiritual laboratory. The wisdom distilled in its lectures may not reveal the entire cosmic reality but will certainly remove some delusions.

Tantra, usually perceived as Occult or a dark magical system is in fact a time tested spiritual science. In the school of tantric thought, the body is the microcosmic reflection of the macrocosmic universe. Therefore, an understanding of the human body augmented by the knowledge of certain practises can unlock its full potential, leading to the revelation of the divine within.

Dr Madhu Khanna is a well known scholar of lndic studies. She holds a doctoral degree from Oxford University, from the Faculty of Oriental Studies, where she specialized in Hindu Shakta Tantra. She has been the recipient of the prestigious Intakes Foundation grant and Homi Bhabha Fellowship. Let’s plunge into the mystical realms with a modern Tantric scholar.

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