Insights from
Yoga Vasishtha

Lessons for Life are practitioner-led courses that capture the essence of varied subjects, be it ancient scriptures or quantum physics or alternative science. It’s a lot like revisiting what you must know but were never taught.

Yoga Vashishta has led many conflicted minds on the path of unwavering cosmic singularity and realisation of the self.  Neither the South Sea Pearls nor the Black Opal or the Kohinoor Diamond can match the brilliance of the spiritual insights illuminated in this powerful treatise; a masterpiece to supersede all other spiritual treatises. These lectures are presented by Professor Madhusudan Penna, a Sahitya Academy awardee who has been practicing Yoga for the last 30 years and has conducted countless sessions on yogic sciences.

The first lecture details a lesser known period of Sri Rama’s youth, not discussed in the traditional Ramayana. A young Rama is struggling to lift the veil of Maya and the venerable Guru Vasishtha supports him in his cause by explaining the nature of mind and matter and the inherent duality that comes with it.

The second lecture delves into the nature of the mind as it explores the view of life being a long dream projected by the mind. Therefore, in order to understand the cosmic reality one must systematically devise ways to rid the mind of it’s stored conditioning and impressions. Plainly speaking, it reveals how the mind can be harnessed to absolve itself.

The final lecture further reflects on the duality in our experienced reality while recognising it’s illusory nature, leading us to question the role of our individual consciousness in relation to the consciousness supreme

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