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Is hope a crutch?

March 19, 2019 1

A group of friends sat down one of these nights and we had the most amazing discussion on Hope! We spoke about how a little bit of hope keeps us going, we move a little further, had there not been hope people would have given up on themselves or the situation long back.

Hope is what helped them get up the next morning and brace the day despite the situation they were in. Then came a counter comment ‘Is Hope a Crutch’? Basically implying that we refuse to accept reality and in the hope for a better future, we keep going. In reality there may be something really unfortunate awaiting us.

That statement got me thinking and here is my viewpoint on it. Hope is like an illusion we create for ourselves. Hope is like flickering lights in a dark alley that keep showing us a better road awaits us. Hope is like the light from a lighthouse indicating to the captain of a lost ship that a shore may be close by.

In my personal experience having a little ray of hope helps you, it gives you courage to keep moving on in life. I have had really bad days where the boss is expecting too much, I am making silly mistakes, everything is going wrong, and tempers are flying. These days a very exhausting, they drain out all your energies and make you want to run away. Now had there not been hope of better days coming. I guess I would take really long to get over these experiences. They would leave a lasting impact on me and lower my self-esteem and confidence.

Another perspective would be, if there was no hope, humans would give up on living. Ever questioned yourself why does a person commit suicide? The answer is because the person lost all hope. The hope of being able to take the pain any longer or hope that there is something good awaiting them. They got lost in the dark alley of despair and got consumed by the darkness that lay around them.

To me, hope is more like an illusion, an illusion of a better future, an illusion of better experiences. Hope is like a stick that helps you get over desperate and trying times. Everyone needs a little bit of hope. Otherwise surviving in this crazy world would become difficult.

So even if you perceive, Hope is a crutch, it is one crutch you will not survive without!!! I leave you with a little verse I wrote on hope!!!


Flickering Lights!!!

Into the dark alleys of my mind, I travel

It’s dark, it’s scary, and I hear weird sounds and voices calling out to me

My sacred little soul asks for some light

Flickering lights appear every few steps

Just like a ray of hope, holding on to me at every unconfident step I take.

These Flickering lights showing me the way every now and then

Encouraging me to keep moving ahead

Helping me at every step so that I don’t lose my way

In the dark alleys of my mind

Flickering lights causing an illusion just like hope does

Illuminating my path to travel to places I wouldn’t otherwise.

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  • Swapnaja

    March 19, 2019 at 2:31 pm

    Very Well put in words. Hope does keeps one going,

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