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Is Revenge good?

December 28, 2018

When someone harms/hurts you by words/actions, the reflex action is anger followed by a desire to exact revenge or a need to get even with them.

Why?  Because your EGO is hurt .When you get even you get a high that feeds your fractured ego. However, this sense of victory is short-lived. In doing that you lose plenty — your mind goes into a negative spiral, your thoughts swing from constructive to non-constructive and sometimes destructive, and in turn you lose your peace of mind & emotional balance.

Your reflexes in such situations should be of acceptance. It isn’t easy to practice but it isn’t impossible to imbibe either. Think about it — It was that person’s destiny to hurt you and yours to be on the receiving end. MOVE ON – Revenge isn’t a dish best served cold. In fact, it isn’t an edible dish at all.

If this is the working of destiny, then forgiveness does not come into play. Train your mind to think and accept that the person who has hurt you has not said or done you any wrong. He was just fulfilling his destiny. So where is question of feeling hurt?

How people treat you is THEIR KARMA. How you react is YOURS.

Ego or ahankaar is thinking about the self. Your reaction/thought of today will define tomorrow’s karma cycle. Choose your actions wisely. They are the roadmap of your future journey.

When you shift your reaction/ thought towards a commitment to serve others and acceptance of fate dictating action, you don’t discover your destiny, it discovers you.

Revenge is a negative emotion probably triggered off by some perceived wrong done to you. It’s a natural reaction to do onto others what may have been perceived to have been done to you. Unfortunately the result in this case is more likely to be negative and unlike mathematics two negatives do not make a positive. The negative result does not take the problem or the hurt away but rather complicates the action. 

In the heat of the moment one does not think about the destiny or for that matter the Karmic truth. It just happens. Therefore there needs to be pre lever which has to stop or dilute this emotional reaction. Ego seems to be the probable cause for these reactions and hence the answer also lies in controlling your Ego. Acceptance, knowledge about the Karma’s and the consequences are all levers which help us control this emotion. Yet it happens….

Is revenge good? Does it help us to move on in life?

I am reminded of a film I watched on Netflix recently called “Mowgli”. In one of the scenes, Bagheera tells Mowgli that hunting is required – that’s the rule of the jungle. 

“However, we hunt only when required “to feed” not for fun!”

So animals actually don’t practice revenge. What about humans?

Is no revenge the best revenge?

Remember, while the thought of exacting revenge may fill you with a sense of impending satisfaction, the actual carrying out of revenge doesn’t bring any satisfaction and may snowball into more problems and suffering. 

Ponder on that for a few minutes and let us know what you think in the comments section below or on our facebook page @hingorisutras

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