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Is suffering a gift?

December 24, 2018

Is suffering a gift? –  Lets find out!

Life seems to always oscillate – between good and happy moments to bad times. Its easy to live the happy times but what about the bad times? How should we deal with our sufferings in the moment and after it? I hope we get to some answers at the end.

So, lets find out what is Suffering. Suffering is a manifestation of things not working out the way we want – an attachment to what we think things should have been like – rather than how they are. Like all other emotions, suffering is also a chemical secretion stimulated by our own thoughts. Or in other words, suffering is suffering only when you think so. Our problems are not the source of our sufferings and unhappiness. Its our thoughts, our perceptions and our attitude that leads to unhappiness during tough times.  If we understand this, it becomes very easy to deal with our problems

The best tool to deal with suffering and our problems is Positivity. Its the environment that we create within our body which usually governs our thinking and actions. We should make efforts to sense the flow of secretions in our body – It takes practice but we can control the flow of emotions. Suffering is not holding you. You are holding it. Learn to let go. Then you will realize how unnecessary it was to drag those burdens. The trick to deal with any problem is to become third party to it and it eases the pain to a large extent.  And sometimes, when circumstances are beyond one’s control, “It could have been a lot worse” is usually an outlook that can balance the troubled mind to some extent.

Nobody can live in an ideal controlled environment, we all deal with our own complications. Try to see them from different perspectives and our problems will no longer seem to be a problem.

However, suffering can be seen in a much better way. Its a powerful tool to make us more stronger, kinder and understanding. Suffering is what instigated Siddhartha to become the Buddha. And this reminds me of Rumi’s quote – “The wound is where the light enters”. So, it is a hidden gift. It is meant to cleanse some self impressions of the past and it is the greatest equalizer of our negative karmas, as it cleanses our soul. If suffering can cancel out the negative karmas, also think about what happens when you enjoy the luxuries provided by the destiny?

Remember: A true superhero is not the one who can fly off the cliffs or perform supernatural feats, but he is the one who accepts life and enjoys it even when the chips are down.

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