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Journey to discover my soul

Journey to discover my soul

July 27, 2021

Every action, event or occurring in one’s life has a time period and possibly a place when it manifests. This simple realisation is also difficult to come by as our mind clouds our thought processes all the time. Conventional education, our belief in logic as well as science are sometimes short in realising our true self as well as the truth of our existence. Many of us go through the circle of life without being near to the truth but some who endeavour are vastly enriched not only with the knowledge but also with a way of life which is far more fulfilling and the one which prepares one for the life thereafter perhaps in a different realm. It’s not necessary to get to that level and neither is it easy but a state which makes one realise that the perfection of life is far beyond any imagination is a privilege. It is a circle of evolution which is completely managed. The key to this learning, while some of it happens with knowledge, is that the evolution of the human thought is only possible through guidance and through a teacher. Not an ordinary teacher but a teacher who knows this truth, who is evolved, who understands you, your shortcomings as well as your assets, who guides you to your truth, in other words your ‘GURU’.

It’s a journey to discover one’s soul and that journey is probably different for everybody who sets out for this quest. On this Guru Purnima its good to reflect on my journey to discover my soul which started a while back but by no means is complete. My journey started when I found my Guru or in fact he found me when he saved me from near certain death. What followed was instant reverence and blind faith. What also followed were a spate of questions like why it happened, why me which not only intrigued me but overtook my life for a while for which an individual like me who was somewhat religious, educated, with a logical mind, a sceptic,had no answers to. That blind faith needed some answers as one realised that it is not by chance or by a quirk of fate that my Guru came to my rescue but perhaps it was always intended to be so or it was my destiny.

To look for answers one has to have the relevant questions and I did not know where to start for this was far beyond where my conventional education could reach. My Guru believed me more than I believed myself. He showed me the mirror of the insufficiency of the education that I carried as well to look outside the veil of scepticism which came with my logical mind. He also introduced me to the tenets of spirituality, the truth about our existence, the karma theory, the pre written script of our life and how destiny is inevitable. Humility, acceptance, observation and finding the divinity within us are all the seeds that he planted through the numerous discussions that he participated with us. He has been extremely gracious to give you time to catch up to where he thinks one’s capability can lead. As one understands more one realises that he is looking to transform each of us. Transformation is different to change eg change is possibly a change in temperature during the day but transformation is changing the character like ice from water.

My journey has taken time and have never looked at the scale to know how far I have travelled. However there is now a quiet belief that the transformation through the path shown by my Guru and through the medium of spiritual thought is the way forward. The results are becoming clearer when one knows that one is part of a larger scheme, realises that a higher consciousness exists, discovers that there is level of awareness that produces solutions, endeavour to find your true self and finally knowing that one is protected. Therefore time to consider how fortunate we are and how far we have come with his teachings and blessing this Guru Purnima!

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