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Juhi Chawla on the importance of a guru in her life

November 9, 2019


Mumbai, November 9, 2019 

My quest for spirituality began as I went through crisis.

Some years ago I faced huge personal losses like deaths in the family and disease. There came a time, when my parents had passed away, my aunt who was like my mother had also passed away and my one and only brother had a brain hemorrhage. Seeing my brother in coma, not knowing what would happen next, shook me up. I was so frightened that I was in a complete mess. I didn’t know how to face the next day or the next minute. And at that point I started searching for what is beyond.

I did not know what to do and where to look for help. It was at this point I noticed my mother in law having complete faith in her guru, Anandamayi Ma. She surrendered her entire life in the hands of her guru, believing that whatever happens, is for the best and Ma will protect her through everything.

I had not grown up knowing what a guru meant. I found it strange that my in-laws believed in gurus, but after the crisis and seeing close ones passing away, I felt a great need for guidance. I was like a leaf in a storm, blowing all over the place.

I started prostrating in front of Anandamayi Ma, and seeking help. I used to sleep in the prayer room at nights and felt somewhere she may have decided to help me. I started to listen to spiritual masters such as Shivanand Babaji, Sadhguru (Shri Jaggi Vasudev), Radhanath Swamiji and found solace.

I found every guru I met had something special to teach. Shivanand Babaji teaches you to be very positive, to learn how to heal yourself, help others, and to be cheerful and has a religious base.

Another master has compassion and love and imparts that knowledge. While another master has a very sharp intellect and teaches you to break out of the conditional thinking and learn from everything you see and not go as per what you have been conditioned to think all your life.

If I am able to smile through my days and be a better person, it is because of their teachings and grace. I follow not one but many spiritual mentors. I absorb and practise their teachings. I’m grateful that I have been shown this path and fortunate that I have spiritual masters whose wisdom I can access.

When I was younger I thought spirituality is for older people who have gone over the hill and want to give up the world. But today I wish my children follow a spiritual master at the very earliest because that will brighten up their lives like nothing else. I try to steer my children to this path, I get them to meet spiritually enlightened people and I hope they will imbibe the philosophies sooner in their life.

The quest for spiritual knowledge cannot be forced upon anyone. But I can only wish for all to experience this blessing.

 Having a living guru is a blessing! 

–  Juhi Chawla 

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