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Karma Warrior for April 2019 – Veena Marthandam

April 4, 2019

A reading of the Bhagwad Gita moved Veena Marthandam to change the course of her life. Inspired by its powerful message of service without expectation, she decided the time had come for her to serve people. She started out by asking people who came to the bookstore where worked if there was any help she could extend to them. It was during one of these chats offering help that a lady mentioned that she ran classes for underprivileged children at St. Andrews in Bandra.

Veena took out a couple of hours every week to teach the children who attended these classes. With time, she became more and more involved and spent more and more hours teaching.
In due course, she started teaching at another centre that focused on adult literacy. This centre taught people from low income groups including maids to drivers who wanted an education.
She went on to teach at Government aided schools and helped several children make the transition from a vernacular medium to an English medium.
She would engage with them beyond the syllabus as well and help motivate them and boost their self confidence.
Today, many of the students that she taught are doing well for themselves and it gives Veena an immense sense of satisfaction and purpose.
When she retired, she decided to spent as much time as she could to reach out to more and more people and impart education to them. In pursuit of this goal, she joined Akanksha and teaches there till date. Other than this, she is also a volunteer at other schools as well.
When asked why she works tirelessly to spread knowledge, she said, “We take so much for granted. The least we can do is share the blessings we have received and help others. I may have imparted knowledge to my students but they have taught me more than you know. Many of them have had such difficult lives but their resilience and determination to make something of themselves is such a great lesson of life.”
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