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Miracles – Are they for real?

January 12, 2019


Google defines miracles as ‘ events extraordinary and welcome which are not explicable by natural or scientific laws and therefore attributed to a divine force’.By its very meaning they are unexpected though very pleasant and is difficult to assign an origin to this action or why they occur. 

But yes they happen and they are for real. They may happen rarely but there are numerous examples which perhaps would fit into this explanation and some of them are ;

  – a sudden recovery from a disease which was categorised as incurable 

  – an offer of a job where all possibilities seemed to have ended

  – survival in a situation which would normally have meant certain death:

and many more instances where the results were contrary to natural as well as scientific beliefs! All of us pray for that elusive play of the dice where one gets what one could not have imagined. No doubt the circumstances are rare.

Since there are no plausible reasons which one can attach to these events, they are usually explained as divine interventions. Every religion worth its name has its own examples of such divine interventions or Miracles. It can be Hinduism where there are numerous instances from many incarnations who have shown to have the power for such interventions. Same is true of Christianity or Islam as the case may be. These miracles are source material for developing or initiating the faithful into the tenets of the teachings. 

There needs to be a better explanation as to why and how these Miracle’s happen since we know for a fact that they happen. Spiritual teachings also tell you about the Karma theory and how your destiny is shaped by your Karmas which materialise based on time as well as movement of planets. Therefore why the interventions -divine or otherwise which change course of your destiny? Are these miracles or interventions also part of destiny again to be triggered off based on pre-decided timing? 

While we may not have answers ,Miracles ,though unexpected and rare seem to be agents which are triggered to take forward the destiny as shaped by our Karmas. Through Miracles the divine energy or supreme consciousness intervenes possibly to correct or enhance the direction of laid down destiny.

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