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Spirituality vs Religion

March 30, 2019

Religion is what takes you from a complete lack of awareness to the consciousness of your being – a force much greater than what the mind can configure but unfortunately it segments you into a particular ‘type’ and excludes you to so many options of faith with equal merit.

Religiousness, unfortunately, makes you see the subject within the parameters of the language it was broadcast in and limited to the interpretation of the person receiving the information, with the additional limitation of language and location. Hypothetically, imagine if Jesus was born in Maharashtra and he did exactly what he did in Jerusalem in terms of preaching, healing and showcasing miracles to show the existence of the father who art in heaven. He would have been called Sant Nazrekar and his teaching would have been considered one of the Upanishads. There would have been no churches but there would have been temples of Jesus Nath. Alternatively, if Sant Tukaram had been born in Jerusalem and had fought against the oppression by the Romans, there would have made a cross in his name and the religion would be called Tukaramism. As ridiculous as this example may sound, its just a matter of switching location and characters.

Fortunately, spiritualism has a 360 degree view and draws inspiration and internal knowledge from all forms of providence, from spiritual savants, from all geographies including every language and every spiritual teacher with accomplishment and attainment.

Spirituality is not just learning a faith, it is reflecting with your mind the congruencies of other evolved minds. Spirituality is also referencing to context, information that is hidden in your own subconscious mind. These include the experiences past and present which we often call Samskaras. It is the exploration into the recesses of our own deeper mind. A mind that is not easy to access at a conscious level but that holds within its hard disk, learnings of multiple lives and interactions.

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