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Strategising Death

August 11, 2018 1

To most people death is a subject they neither understand, nor want to. It’s just too much to handle. The problem is it is very difficult to strategise about a subject which we do not know much about, which falls into the category “unknown”. So what people do in a situation like this is they bury their heads under the sand like any ostrich would. The question is whatshould they do about a subject like death? Should they catch the bull by the horns and try to understand the subject or should they defer this thinking and analysis to another day, escape!

Lucky are those who have learnt a bit about this very awesome subject. Luckier are those who have had an experience about the subject or an out of body experience. There are many who have, there are many who have accounted for it in various writings. Because we do not remember what happened to our entities before we were born, naturally our conscious memory exists only after birth, and therefore death is a mystery, an experience forgotten or stored in the recesses of our mind. We cannot therefore blame people for not being able to plan their deaths, for not knowing what the spirit within us really aspires to attain during this lifetime. Though we have heard many accounts where spirits have communicated with the mediums and psychics about the afterlife, it is not a touch and feel experience for us and therefore our perceptions do not hold these as “solid proof”.
My appeal to you is that you have to learn to trust.

The sages of yore, the numerable saints in history, the great texts and Scriptures of every religion, the experiences of people like gurudev, the Buddha, the Christ, the Sufis, Mahavir the great, Guru Nanak, the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Gita, and every other spiritual writing of the last several thousand years. Unless of course you feel you know better or you feel they did not know better! I assure you I have had several out of the body experiences, seen spirit bodies, been attacked by spirit bodies,helped some and sometimes had to ward them off. I have had communication with a few. I have also the accounts of several of my spiritual associates who have had similar experiences and together these would be nothing less than a few hundred in a short period of 20 years, and does that account for some credibility? Think about it. Every spiritual practice talks about ancestor worship and why would they if there were no ancestors in the spirit form?
You did not question your teacher when she taught you history, you did not dispute the dates of the Mogul Empire, or the date of abdication of Napoleon, so why would you not trust the teachers of spiritual practice? Trust me, trust us, trust all those evolved souls in history but do not trust your own lack of knowledge!

You cannot take away from this world any money but you can definitely take away a lot of wealth. The wealth in the afterlife is the energy or Shakti that you carry along with your spiritual body. So earn it, but you cannot do that by spending your time or your money on the trivialities of life, but you can do it by following practices that increase your aura, and practices that help you lose less of it. It is probably one of the greatest sciences and why should you not have access to it.

Good karma, plenty of service to other life forms, taking less obligations and favours, the practice of advanced mantras, focused meditation, penance are some of the ways you can prepare for the afterlife, for it is these practices that will become your assets, the avoidance of taking obligation will reduce your liabilities and leave you with a very positive P& L account.

The wealth of material gains that you have enjoyed in this life or will in the future, has an expiry date but the wealth of power and spiritual energy goes a long way and across many lives. Do build this attainment into your strategy for the future and ensure that you do not die a pauper, a pauper who owned a palatial house, a fancy car, plenty of money, property, businesses etc.

The concept of guru has existed from ever since we can remember. A relationship like this that you can build will probably help you to be supervised and mentored in your practice. The speed could be accelerated and the pitfalls avoided. Unfortunately finding such a relationship is not as easy as a search on Google! So if you do find yourself a Siddha guru then consider yourself to be lucky and blessed, and if you don’t like most can’t, then be self taught and follow the practices of karma yoga.

All of us are used to hearing the common PR sentence ‘have a nice day’.
How about ‘have a nice death’ and ‘have a nice life after death’?

Posthumously yours,

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