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Test of Faith

September 10, 2019

Faith as we all know and believe can move mountains. It is basically a belief that with a positive intent if you want something,it happens! It is the strength of your beliefs which is the key operative here. Strong belief in someone, something, action or process is termed as ‘Faith‘.

Every living being is born with Faith and seems almost certainly a Divine gift from a higher power or the supreme consciousness whatever you may decide to call. It is Absolute in the early years of your life but as your mind is influenced with other factors it gets diluted. It is believed that Absolute faith has greater power to grant the results desired than later when your mind could have other influences,knowledge which in turn give rise to doubts, fear, contradiction and hence power of thoughts get diluted.

Therefore a conscious effort is required then to overpower the doubts,contradictions,discussions that the mind brings forward now and then. We need to shift to ‘ Dynamic faith which basically means that we need to transcend this doubt by moving closer to the Divine Power or to our inner consciousness which is the divine within us. This doubt is omnipresent all the time and continuous help is required to manoeuvre our thinking. It is here we need the guidance of the GURU who helps you solve the contradictions in your mind and helps you reach your inner self. Again by its very nature it is ‘Dynamic’. It will be tested time and again.

As you take help for restoring your belief you repose your faith in your GURU who is the chosen beacon of light that you need to traverse your path to your inner divinity. Faith as explained earlier is tested now and again with new knowledge, beliefs, doubts, timing of action, emotions but the answer is to believe in your GURU or the path that he has shown you.Not only believe but to surrender as only then the faith transcends the temporary barriers the mind projects. The Guru Shishya relationship as well as the bond is therefore important and sacred. It has been brought out very beautifully in the book ‘GURU SUTRA ‘. This knowledge is important to understand as our Faith gets tested!

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