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The Aura Equation

November 30, 2019
As per science the entire universe is made up of energy, space and matter. Matter after a certain speed turns to energy as well. This leaves us with energy and space as the only things that make up the universe. In order to become pure energy we need to be able to reach a certain speed which would come through increasing our energy. Our energy is our Aura.

How is the aura lost?

There are many ways we lose Aura and we must learn to minimise this loss. When we get angry, we deplete our aura. When we use our mind to engage with thoughts – also known as vriddhi – we lose a lot of our energy. When we feel attached to someone or something (moh) we lose a lot of our energy by energising the the person or thing we feel attached or attracted to.
Cutting our hair, shaking hands with someone with a higher energy field, washing our hands, getting a massage and so on are other ways in which we unintentionally spend our aura reverses, but this loss is nominal and can easily be regained.
One of the most common ways to lose energy is when we speak negatively about someone. In doing so, we lose our energy by meditating upon them and also magnetise the very (negative) qualities we criticise.

How is the aura enhanced?

There are multiple ways of gaining aura. One of them is by engaging in acts of seva or selfless service. When one serves without accepting or expecting anything in return, the soul which has been on the receiving end of the act of seva, feels a sense of gratitude. This results in the transmission of a part of the recipients aura to the person rendering selfless service. This also applies to serving plants and other life forms.
Mantra chanting is a tool to enhance the aura. When one chants mantras, s/he begins to attract and accumulate the energy of that mantra  (You can read more about mantras in our blog – https://www.hingorisutras.com/mantras-and-the-potency-of-sound/).  When one admires and appreciates good qualities in people.s/he magnetises those qualities, energising himself/herself.
Surrendering to a siddh guru and working to further the cause he espouses is another way to build your energy reserves as their blessings and guru Kripa (grace) shower you with a lot of blessings and energy. Once you are able to build on your energy and work on making your kundalini rise (expanding your ability to hold energy) you will be able to attract energy which has been discarded at gyms, road crossings and so on.


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