The Books

The four books or Sutras by Hingori are scriptures for the modern man in search of divinity.
They contemporise the teachings of the ancient Indian masters and ignite intuition and insight.


Karma Sutra- Cracking the Karmic Code

Crack the Karmic Code

The greatest asset of India is neither the Taj Mahal nor the buzzing metropolis of Mumbai. For tens of thousands of years, India’s greatest asset has been its philosophy and spiritualism. Tourists or even people who live here hardly take advantage of this wealth and benefit from it.

Karma Sutra is the Indian doctrine of karma. It explains the cause and effect of destiny and decodes the karmic laws that govern us. By mapping our karmic assets and liabilities, we can outline our karmic balance sheet and determine how to enhance its profit and loss.

In the final analysis, Karma Sutra is a tool that may help you carve a better future in this lifetime and earn the karmic wealth that will command your ethereal status after death.

  • Read the real-life stories of some of the most powerful saints who lived on this planet.
  • Figure out why karma dictates your destiny.
  • Decipher the secrets behind the laws of karma.
  • Learn how Karma can influence your luck.
  • Find the answer to the question “Why does this happen to me?”

Languages available – English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali

Aatma Sutra- Unveiling the Soul

Discover the Divinity Within

Aatma Sutra is a deconstructed version of the world’s most famous spiritual phrase, ‘Tat Twam Asi’, which means ‘You Are That’. In other words, ‘You are as much a part of the consciousness supreme as any other being who lived or will live on this planet’.

This book helps in understanding the multiplicity of bodies that a human being carries from one life to another. It outlines the science of divinity within each individual and explains why most humans are not capable of identifying with this divinity. The greatest challenge is to learn to accept yourself in spite of all the odds, negative thoughts and pangs of guilt.

Being a guide to self-acceptance on an ‘as is where is’ basis, this book elucidates the formula for attaining self-worth and self-love and finally justifies the concept of self-reverence.

  • Make you fall in love with yourself.
  • Acquire the knowledge of living guilt-free.
  • Develop the power of intent.
  • Learn techniques for expanding your subtle energies/aura.
  • Nurture the divinity within yourself.

Languages available – English, Hindi

Dream Sutra- Perceiving Hidden Realms

Believe in the Power of Dreams

The mind of your spirit will always be beyond your grasp, until you learn to identify with the ‘dreamer’ within yourself. Dream Sutra chronicles the experiences of many who were helped, healed, guided and communicated with in their dream state.

The unifying thread among these people was a common Guru– someone who could travel out-of-body at will, heal people and even provide insights into their future.

Even close to 30 years after his death, this Mahaguru still communicates and guides his devotees and disciples via their dreams; a fact they are accustomed to but are still in awe of.

Using first-hand accounts, Dream Sutra weaves a narrative with anecdotes and provides an explanation to less understood spiritual phenomena.

  • Allows you to analyse various types of dreams and realise the reality of your subtle body.
  • Experientially validate out-of-body, inter dimensional travel.
  • Ponder on whether destiny can be altered in the dream state and if dreams hold clues to the future?
  • Guide you on dealing with dreams of death and the deceased.
  • Explore the possibility of exhausting karmas in the dream state.

Languages available – English, Hindi, Marathi

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Guru Sutra- The Guru who won’t keep spiritual secrets

Unlock Spiritual Secrets

Once in a few hundred years comes a Siddh Guru who dedicates his entire life to making people aware of the dizzying heights they can soar to spiritually, initiating them on the path to meet their divine selves.

Guru Sutra is based on the philosophy and teachings of a powerful Mahaguru who trained hundreds in the art of selfless service and healing, while leading thousands more on the road towards enlightenment.

For the first time ever, the author reveals the secrets governing a Guru-Disciple relationship, so the latter can navigate the pitfalls in the snakes and ladders game of spiritual evolution. Filled with anecdotes and real-life experiences, Guru Sutra shatters long-held beliefs, in turn mapping the trajectory to channelling spiritual power.

Languages available – English

Also available on Amazon and Flipkart