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The Power of a community – Harsh Ailani and his fellow Robins

September 30, 2018

The Karma Warrior for the month of October 2018

Karma Warrior Karma Warrior

You may have heard about the Robin Hood Army, that works to get the surplus food from restaurants and communities to feed the less fortunate, with the goal to fight hunger!

Volunteers on ground that help bring smiles are known as Robins… and one of them is Harsh Ailani.

Harsh is in his early twenties and works with an MNC just like many of us. Taking time out on a weekend for a couple of hours and  volunteering for a selfless act is something we can easily learn from Harsh and his fellow Robins!

They have built a network of young and vibrant individuals that are always willing to come forward at any hour with a huge smile to help feed and spread many more smiles.

Harsh says the fact that he has had the opportunity to touch someone’s life, give him or her a feeling of belonging and that they are not alone in the struggle of life is what keeps him going! There cannot be anything more rewarding that the feeling of knowing that another person is able to go to sleep with a stomach full.

Sometimes many of us wonder how we could make the start?

How we could help feed others?

Harsh and his fellow Robins are proof of the power of community to bring about a change – so what’s stopping us from doing the same?

Look around. Join Hands. Make a start!

Some good Karmas need not be done alone. Sometimes the strong intent from within to serve others and then leveraging the framework in
the society can help make the difference – Start Now!

Do you know a Karma Warrior?

Send us his/her story with a photograph at hingori.sutras1@gmail.com and we will feature them in our ongoing series.

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