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Thinking beyond Yourself

May 5, 2019

Last week, I had to deal with a situation that was making me think far too much leading to the creation of unnecessary thoughts on account of it – if this happen, I will do this, if that happens, I will respond that way and it went on and on with me expending my energy on visualizing all kinds of scenarios.

Just then it struck me – Why am I thinking so much about myself? Isn’t this the ego that I have to overcome? And anyway thinking again and again is not helping matters. The solution to come out of this internal chatter was – Think Beyond Yourself.

There are endless things to do if you see life beyond yourself. We can make someone smile by saying some good things, plant trees and do something about the problems on this planet, spread knowledge about whatever we know, do small acts of kindness on a daily basis, fulfil our responsibilities towards others and help them so that they can live a peaceful life. The possibilities are infinite if we stop identifying yourself with I, me and myself.

It is understandable that everyone has different situations to deal with in this life. But most of the time instead of coming out with solutions, we waste time in thinking about it. The idea is to distract yourself in doing something worth much better. Once we understand that there are more important things to deal with other than your own problems, our personal issues will no longer look/feel like issues. It would be just another task that you have pass and move on.

Thinking Beyond Yourself actually makes you more curious. Your thoughts widen, you start seeking answers to the questions that you never thought of earlier, and you start living a spiritual life. Your perspective of life changes, from my house, my children, my job, and other worldly things to being curious and seeking, spreading knowledge and helping others.

More importantly, I believe we human beings come with a lot of responsibilities when we take birth. We are not talking about the responsibilities of bringing up a child, earning money for family, etc. Our responsibility is to help ourselves grow spiritually and help others to do so as well. It will not happen unless we start thinking beyond our life and its problems. We need to feel a sense of responsibility and work upon it.

Once we start doing it, it will become a way of life.

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