The Hingori Sutras are a series of books that collectively distil the spiritual wisdom of ancient Indian masters. What is the need for these books? Acclaimed as the land of spiritual masters, India is an incubator of enlightened minds. While the sacred scriptures and the writings of realised sages have been translated, they are either filled with jargon and heavy material or are too gimmicky to appear authentic. There is a need felt by the contemporary man to understand his spiritual roots, his true nature and the knowledge that creates spiritual mastery. So, there is a clearly identified void that needs to be filled.

Courses Categories

Seva & Dhyan- The Nuts and Bolts of the Brain

Understanding the complexity of the human brain has been a key scientific quest for a long time. What our ancient sages talked about thousands of years ago is being slowly discovered.

Faith Overcomes All

Faith enables one to learn not only from one’s own experience, but also from
the experiences of others who are more spiritually evolved.

Remove Those Impediments

If left unguided, one may face numerous roadblocks along their way to spiritual seeking. You must make an extra effort in the right direction.